Community Manager Packges


$249.99Quick start
  • Account creation on Facebook, Twitter
  • Study of the profile of "friend" that interests To your company / product / service
  • Customizing your page base
  • Inclusion in our lists of friends. Create group invitations and start To generate "social activity"
  • Weekly inclusion of up to 3 comments on Facebook and 5 Twits
  • Progressive upload of photos to your wall From Facebook
  • Business contacts management
  • Monthly report with summary of activity


$499.99Made to measure
  • Facebook account creation, with The parameters of the other networks
  • Base customization of your page, and Image review every 2 months
  • Weekly inclusion of up to 5 Comments on Facebook, 5 on Instagram and 10 Twits
  • Creation of (albumnes no) albums With the different product ranges
  • Creation of a "Friends promotion" sales each 2 months
  • Business contacts management
  • Monthly report with summary of activity


$949.99Community Pro Blog
  • The best idea for positioning in The internet and the progress for your company towards The Web 2.0 model with true integration With your customers and friends.
  • The Blog allows constant communication With clients, post news of interest Or news, receive comments on Items or services, collect addresses Mail, and others
  • Changing information in the usual way
  • Includes all benefits Advanced Community + Blog Management Of your company. Including every two Days an article on topics of interest that Will also be launched to social networks. Includes mini plan of web positioning For the blog

Profile on Facebook  /  Profile on Twitter  /  Profile on Instagram  /  Linkedin profile  /  Profile on Youtube  /  Gestion of entries  /  Weekly by profile  /  Monday to Friday no holidays  /  Web the Corporate Blog  /  Uncalling Networks  /  Social Report  /  Metrics of metrics and Actions


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